quick update on party

so started out today with some NL cash, played 1½ hours 4 tabling, 500 hands.

As a result I was running pretty hot, a BB/100 = 39… all the guys from india must be screaming “Welcome Home!” – but yeah nothing big, a short heater, i’m sure the doomswitch will be turned on pretty soon…

will keep you posted (on my winnings)

first day on partypoker


New job, and only 24h/day

Got promoted recently @ work…

Now I have a team of 30 employees under me,  exciting, and this just have to be the excuse of why i’m not playing as much as I would like to.

Have withdrawed around 800$ of my FullTilt winnings which i’m going to move to a new account on PartyPoker. Just got a rakeback deal there, sweet!

PartyPoker is also the place where i’m going to experiment with NL Cashgames and going back to my old fav. SnG!
That’s all for now folks! Cheers!

Hep hep hey!

WOW! For the first time, in like, yeah one month, I played a bit poker… 3 SnG’s

One first place

One Forth

and One I Can’t remeber!

…well all for now, think the motivation is coming soon for some more internet poker, tomorrow I’m attending a big private live tourney here in Copenhagen. Will keep you posted!

 …can also tell you that a new underground poker club have started here in Copenhagen, cashgame, blinds is like 5-10 and 10-20 kroners…


April and the sun is shining!

First post in april – can’t say that I have played much the last couple of weeks, maybe going to change my slogan ! 😉

 Work is consuming all of my time at the moment, and beside that, the weather is turning pretty good here in Denmark. Spend this weekend in a small beach house, Kalundborg, great great great! Booze, girls (mostly truck girls) and some football at the beach (combined with a bit of sunbathing and a cold cold moment in the sea)…

This week is also going to be almost without poker, plans almost every night and beside that the football season have just started and we have created our own private team, a couple of cool guys from highschool! F.C. Ballers! (yes I know)


Mansion Poker’s 100k tourney

wow! this tourney have like 50% overlay everyday… Just played it today, but yeah, a danish guy did a big suckout on me! 
buyin: 95$+5 … 100k guarenteed! -People who don’t play this tourney are missing some great value!

 Not playing so much at the moment, put in 2k hands yesterday but thats all for the online poker…

Last week I won my first live tourney, around 1000$, a pretty nice win though.
A description of this tournament will follow…

Playing some hands!

…just a quick update, the FL games at Full Tilt are starting to wake up, at least I see more active tables which is pretty nice for a guy like me!

The last 2 days I have played 2711 hands, 10 tables, 3½ hour…! Unfortunately only at a BB/100 = 1…

Hurray hurray for bonus and rakeback…!

 Will prob. try to search for some leaks in my game soon…. holla!!

Biggest 1-2$ pot to date

My biggest Fixed Limit pot, year to date… 25PTBB… ouch! 

skroverjd is a pretty aggresive/maniac donk. raising PFR: 30

Puke puke puke!

Puke puke puke!

 FullTiltPoker Game #XXXXXXX: Table Rawhide – $1/$2 – Limit Hold’em – 7:57:48 ET – 2007/03/18
Seat 1: skroverjd ($58.50)
Seat 2: buntman83 ($47)
Seat 3: HPR1978 ($39.75)
Seat 4: srheiss ($30)
Seat 5: TylerDurden ($1,056)
Seat 6: Sailing Lady ($19)
Seat 7: DHANI ($37)
Seat 8: breast_player ($14.50)
Seat 9: zikzak ($48.25)
Sailing Lady posts the small blind of $0.50
DHANI posts the big blind of $1
The button is in seat #5
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to TylerDurden [Ah As]
breast_player calls $1
zikzak folds
skroverjd has 15 seconds left to act
skroverjd raises to $2
buntman83 folds
HPR1978 calls $2
srheiss calls $2
TylerDurden raises to $3
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9 tables @ Full Tilt, screenshot!

Holla !

So just uploaded a screenshot of how my computer normally looks when i’m multitabling on Full Tilt… 

9 tables on laptop!

9 tables on laptop!

1024×768 resolution on a 14″ laptop screen, playing 9 tables there simply ain’t space to tile the tables… Cascading is the only way! (…and yeah, a 14″ laptop is sooo not balla!)

The problem is that there is simply not enough action on 1-2$ FL @ Full Tilt and they have made a limit on 12 open tables as a maximum.. Seriously thinking about moving to PartyPoker and try my luck there, think i’m capable of killing more than 12 tables…

just had a 894 hands session, lasting 99 minutes, up 23big bets, 1.94BB/100. Not great, not bad- had a couple of big suckouts in 15PTBB pots, these pots are always crucial, short term for your BB/100.

…comment if you feel like it!

Allright , 11k hands in-a-graph!

here you go… could not disappoint y’all!

a few minutes after my first blog, here you go, my first 11.000 hands on Full Tilt grindin’ about 8 tables in average 1/2$ Fixed Hold’em!—in the lack of more action!


11k hands in-a-graph — 1/2 dollar limit

11k hands in-a-graph — 1/2 dollar limit

Have a tons of leaks i’m working on *at least I think so*

Would not bore you with my 2-4$ grindin’ yet… this will def. come!

Tell me what you think…


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