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Site almost dead – SOSBranding and SOSTorrent is the new thing.

Hi readers ! -Tyler here !

Site is dead, at least with poker content for now! Not broke or anything, but well, dont have the passion to write about poker !

Would use this page to advertise for my new site, which is the best and fastest search engine out there for torrents. use it! -and if you don’t know how to use torrents, just read the guide in this blog.

Always want to advertise for the SOSBranding homepage. SOSBranding are hosting SOSTorrent, and more will come ! SOSVideos, SOSPoker, SOSWiki, SOSSearching, SOSNude and much more !

Torrent guide – SOSTorrent

Torrent Guide

-brought to you by (SOSTorrent)

BitTorrent LogoThis BitTorrent Guide has been put together to help you get familiar with the BitTorrent file sharing network. The BitTorrent network is currently one of the most popular file sharing networks (judging from the general internet traffic usage reports) and was designed for exchanging large files.

People usually refer to a BitTorrent download as a torrent. Torrents are small files (ending with the extension .torrent) which contain the info your BitTorrent program needs to start downloading a file. Downloading and opening the torrent file in your BitTorrent program is the only way to start a download. Note: some programs also support magnet (URL) links. A torrent will always contain one item but not necessarily one file. So a torrent can contain an entire album and not just one song.

BitTorrent doesn’t work with central servers or (Super)Nodes, but with trackers. Trackers are servers that allow peers to find each other so they can exchange data. The network of peers connected to a tracker is called a swarm. A tracker will also send you basic information about peers in the swarm. Every file has its own swarm so a tracker may be tracking or coordinating hundreds of torrents at the same time. A torrent may also have multiple trackers. Swarms are not connected to each other in any way, not even swarms on the same tracker. A tracker will also never have a copy of any of the torrents it’s tracking.

The tracker architecture of the BitTorrent network means you cannot search “the network” for a file because there simply isn’t “a network” to begin with. Some trackers allow you to search through a list of their torrents, but the best way to find a file is to use a torrent index site. These sites will list the torrents from their own tracker (if they have one) but most importantly from many other trackers. SOSTorrent ( ) allows you to search the largest torrent index sites on the net. Læs resten