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quick update on party

so started out today with some NL cash, played 1½ hours 4 tabling, 500 hands.

As a result I was running pretty hot, a BB/100 = 39… all the guys from india must be screaming “Welcome Home!” – but yeah nothing big, a short heater, i’m sure the doomswitch will be turned on pretty soon…

will keep you posted (on my winnings)

first day on partypoker

New job, and only 24h/day

Got promoted recently @ work…

Now I have a team of 30 employees under me,  exciting, and this just have to be the excuse of why i’m not playing as much as I would like to.

Have withdrawed around 800$ of my FullTilt winnings which i’m going to move to a new account on PartyPoker. Just got a rakeback deal there, sweet!

PartyPoker is also the place where i’m going to experiment with NL Cashgames and going back to my old fav. SnG!
That’s all for now folks! Cheers!

Hep hep hey!

WOW! For the first time, in like, yeah one month, I played a bit poker… 3 SnG’s

One first place

One Forth

and One I Can’t remeber!

…well all for now, think the motivation is coming soon for some more internet poker, tomorrow I’m attending a big private live tourney here in Copenhagen. Will keep you posted!

 …can also tell you that a new underground poker club have started here in Copenhagen, cashgame, blinds is like 5-10 and 10-20 kroners…